Vacation Rentals

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Renting a house for the holidays is not much different than renting a property for permanent housing.

Even for a short period of time, it is important to sign the contract and inspect the property at the entrance and exit. But the tenant should not be frightened if they ask for a security deposit to cover possible damages, since these properties usually come furnished and with electronic devices.

Some tips for renting a vacation rental property:

Choose a trusted broker: both owners and tenants must turn to a broker with whom they have dealt with before or who has been referred by acquaintances.

Be wary of prices well below market value: it may be a sign that the property has a problem.

Analyze recent photos: if it is not possible to visit, the interested party should request recent photos of the property from the broker.

Often, the images are available on the real estate website, but be careful not to be too outdated.

Beautiful House at Encore Resort that can be used for Vacation Rentals

Old photos can even show a property that no longer exists. It is interesting to take at least a look at the facade and surroundings through Google Street View, if this service is available in the destination city.

Evaluate the property at the entrance: when arriving at the property, the tenant must make an inspection to verify that everything is in accordance with the contract.

If there is any damage, such as a broken glass or appliance that does not work, the fact must be noted and informed to the landlord when returning the keys, so that the renter does not have to pay compensation.


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